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At Etash Global, we focus on developing secure software systems. This we could achieve only by leveraging on Secure software like DevOps. We also uphold data-centric design, and analytics. Our clients are those federal agencies and allied private businesses working in government, healthcare, commercial and intelligence.

At Etash Global, we understand that Mission-Enabling IT helps to script success of government agencies. For example, the disaster assistance technologies has helped to achieve quick response to reach out to the affected, and extend all possible help. Even the payment disbursal mechanisms have been speeded up, so the beneficiaries receive prompt help.


There is a continuous need for innovation, and providing updates to the existing systems and processes. Our sincere efforts are aimed at use of technology across federal agencies on par with the private sector. Etash Global enables the government, healthcare, intelligence and commercial operations to meet the unique technology needs. Etash Global specializes in customizing technology, and never advocates “one-size-fits-all” technologies. The right and scalable IT solution is offered as per each agency’s unique mission.

We collaborate and realize the objectives of multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs By leveraging on our micro-services we design and develop Mission-Enabling Solutions. Here, the focus is on innovative technologies that are consistent with the law or political priorities with far lesser need changes or updates.

Etash Global' Agile approach helps federal agencies to manage risk, and helps to protect the costly Mission-Enabling Systems. This becomes very crucial when a federal agency is providing critical services to the customers. By Agile approach we mean to build small incremental parts of the system. Testing the system and its working is done by conduct of quality trials and taking feedback from the end-users. Our collaborative work ensures continuous and quality association with federal agencies.

By adhering with modern practices in design thinking and technology modernization Etash Global could deliver business-driven capabilities incrementally. The success of our apps development for federal agencies owes itself to our increased use of open architecture formats and popular languages like AngularJS 2, Java, and .Net. We impart to each app some of the common features such as user authentication, document control, and workflow management capabilities. These constitute a “Shared Platform” that can be optimized and replaced. replaceability. Significantly, Etash Global works as an accelerator in relaying the phenomenal benefits of new apps to different agencies, sans license fee or restriction.

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