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Etash Global LLC is headquartered in Clarksville, Howard County, Maryland. We leverage on reliable, innovative, value-driven and regulatory compliant technologies to detect, mitigate, protect and defend the most critical networks of federal agencies and allied private businesses. Our value-driven approach to IT services is build on the three core values to innovate, integrate and transform.



To emerge as a global leader in the development and application of technology leading to a safer, healthier, and more sustainable world


To design, build, and deploy robust and reliable IT, data systems, networks, or platforms. We also ensure that our clients adhere to FISMA by defining, maintaining, and repetitively monitoring their systems through every security layer


Etash Global works with federal agencies and allied businesses in the areas of IT services, managed services and more. At each engagement, we bring innovation in design, development and implementation of IT solutions. We understand that innovation is the key to success, and helps to achieve cost and operational efficiency. As federal agencies and allied businesses manage public funds, there is a dire need for accountability of spending and achieving set goals and objectives. Our innovate artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps federal agencies to maintain cyber security, and protects the interests of the end-users.


Here, the challenges are two-fold. One to counter the challenges of the legacy IT systems with the right IT solutions and technology portfolio. Two, to help federal agencies to reap the benefits of our latest artificial intelligence (AI) competency. We achieve end-to-end integrations through our expertise in choosing high-performing systems (hardware and software). Our systems integration process for each federal agency is based on open standards, modularity, extensibility and agility of processes and systems. Our integration efforts are directed at mission-specific operations. Significantly our primary concern is to turn the client's business a secure, resilient and robust IT system.


With an offer of robust, dynamic and resilient enterprise IT solutions and managed services our IT experts help federal agencies and allied businesses to achieve transformation. Our offer of IT transformation solutions are built on artificial intelligence (AI) that remarkably help to accelerate each client's digital transformation process. This wouldn’t have been made possible if not for our AI/ML expertise. Our AI/ML is at the core of all our offering of secure, rapid software development, full-spectrum cyber solutions, and rapid prototyping and manufacturing.


Etash Global initiates a new wave of high quality, reliable, innovative and value-driven IT services. Our business is lead by a team of industry leaders and technology experts. We are here to establish and execute custom and business-centric information technology (IT) strategies.

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Professionally-run organizations find basic values of business as primary. It is these values that create trust, ensure customer loyalty and bring repeat business. Etash Global is built on a strong foundation of business values.

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