Enabling Technologies

The team of software architects at Etash Global understand the importance of latest, innovative and enabling technologies for federal agencies and allied private businesses. In the recent time, AI/ML has been rapidly changing the way federal agencies interact and serve the people. Etash Global offers resilient, reliable and secure AI/ML solutions. Also, our offer of full-spectrum cyber solutions, and rapid prototyping and manufacturing help clients to face competition and meet customers’ expectations.

AI/ML technologies are transforming the business world. Equally, federal agencies have also come under the influence of these technologies. Clients and companies gain by reduced costs and improved performance, and federal agencies turn greatly creative to transform to improve different public services. The end result is definitely, improved and enhanced citizen experience. Etash Global understands the importance of upgrading technology. However, we are also concerned about the transformation of entire governance process at federal agencies.


Etash Global's approach to enabling technologies is based on established goals and objectives.

  • To deliver world-class public services that will improve people’s lives
  • To gauge how technology impacts workforce, infrastructure and business processes
  • To identify each federal agency's mission and aligning its technology strategy for a better and effective change
  • To automate tasks done manually. For example, the use of bots has helped in sorting huge amounts of paperwork and finding the relevant information

By leveraging on emerging and enabling technologies Etash Global helps federal agencies to manage services and assets. We also utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable federal departments to achieve cost-effective maintenance and traffic management. Etash Global pioneers innovative technologies for connected systems. This makes it easy to identify faults in power supply, lighting, and heating systems. Urban planning is made greatly efficient and smart through use of sophisticated simulation and modelling capabilities. By this city planners can virtually replicate structures and environments. This will help them to assess viability and impact and communicate that more easily to their citizens.

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